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All dental care procedures that do not immediately require to be referred to a specialist are termed as General Oral Care, also known as general dentistry or family dentistry procedures per formed by all dentists in India at the India Dental Clinic. These dental treatments in India are routinely performed by a general dentist. By performing a Complete Dental Examination, your Indian dentist can determine the patient’s oral health. A dental examination is complete, if it allows identification of all active factors that are capable of causing or contributing to the deterioration of oral heath or function. It is incomplete, if it does not provide enough information to develop a total treatment plan aimed at optimum maintainability of the teeth and their supporting structures. The ultimate goal of all dental treatment is Optimum Oral Health, as you will find in your smile India tour.

At India Dental Clinic, a multi-dimensional approach is adopted by the general dental care dentist by taking records during a complete dental examination that often include some, or all of the following, depending on what is indicated for that individual person:

During a dental examination at dental clinics in India, the dentist can detect the following problems like deterioration of fillings, crowns, bridges, cavities, receding gums, crack in tooth, impacted wisdom teeth, gum disease, etc. that may be the cause of bad breath. The modern x-rays with little radiation will bring forth any underlying dental problems, which he may treat, adopting Microdentistry or Laser Dentistry. For the phobic patients a Sedation Dentistry may be the answer. As per the diagnostic results, the general dentist in India will chart a treatment plan for the patient to obtain optimum oral health. The General Dentist regularly performs a variety of restorative dentistry procedures including dentures & partials. Some of the cosmetic dentistry procedures are also routinely performed.

The more experienced dentists at dental centers in India may be able to provide dental treatment services in bruxism, crowns, veneers, dental implants. However, if need be, the General Dentist refers patients to appropriate specialist dentists at other specialty dental office in India as below for those services he does not feel qualified to perform himself, more for right dental care than the cheap cost of dental treatment in India.
The cheap general oral care in India may not include treatments for occlusal abnormalities like Bad Bite, Crowding, Openbite, Overbite, Underbite, etc. which need to be addressed with Braces. Your requirement of the following General Oral Care procedures can be performed at the listed India Dental Clinic during your India dental tour. However, a general care need be taken choosing a dentist from the list/directory of recommended dentist in India for any specialty dental treatment offering dental price discount:

* Dental Cavity * Teeth Whitening * Teeth Cleaning * Fluoride Treatment *
* Sedation Dentistry * Laser Dentistry * Microdentistry * Plaque & Calculus *
* Bad Breath * Bruxism * Dental Fillings Bonding * Dental Jewelry * X-rays *
* Tooth Extractions * Sealants * Oral Prophylaxis *

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