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The patients needing occlusal alignments / straightening of teeth to improve esthetics of smile as well as oral health may visit the relevant sections for opting treatment by India trained or foreign trained dentists as the case may be. There are specialty orthodontic clinics in India attended by experienced orthodontist for your teeth straightening by dental braces in India including lingual braces, invisible braces, clear aligners, etc. The orthodontic information, dental braces for kids, dental braces treatment for adults and the types of dental braces treatment in India include:

About Orthodontics
Bad Bite
Crooked Teeth
Open Bite
Under Bite
Teeth Gap Closure
What are the same day dental braces?
The dental treatment is very expensive overseas. The dental patients from various countries come to India to save on dental care. Orthodontic patients find it quite cheap to have the initial dental braces treatment started in India and continue rest of the orthodontic care with the dentist at their place of stay. If the conditions are favourable, the x-rays, models and braces are delivered in just one day - same day dental braces. The patient travels back home to his country with dental braces on and continues his rest of the orthodontic treatment there. There is significant savings for which overseas dental patients are the beneficiary.

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70 % OFF
Image for Dental Offer Clean and Polished Teeth add to your confidence.

Clean and Polished Teeth add to your confidence.

Special Price - 900 (INR-Indian Rupee )
Treatments Covered-
  • Expert Consultation
  • Teeth Cleaning

View Details New Delhi
20 % OFF
Image for Dental Offer fix teeth on same day

fix teeth on same day

Special Price - 24000 (INR-Indian Rupee )
Treatments Covered-
  • All-on-Four Implants
  • Dental Implant Consultation
  • Dental Implants
  • Single Tooth Implant

View Details Vadodara
20 % OFF
Image for Dental Offer Special discount for Diwali and New Year on Crown

Special discount for Diwali and New Year on Crown

Special Price - 2500 (INR-Indian Rupee )
Treatments Covered-
  • Root Canal (premolar)
  • Root Canal (posterior tooth)
  • Root Canal (anterior tooth)
  • Porcelain Crown

View Details Hyderabad

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