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India Dental Clinic assimilates information about dental labs. The dental labs worldwide provide an important link between and maintain crucial relationship between dentists, cosmetic dentistry and a quality dental lab are crucial elements to patient satisfaction. Laboratory supplies, equipment, product list prices and today's leading-edge technology contribute to the competition within the dental industry, and consistency and predictability are essential, particularly when it comes to dental labs. An attempt has been made here with the trust that our dental lab tech listing will provide business professionals with both a valuable online resource to research labs, while at the same time affording laboratories and their owners a highly visible platform from which to display their dental operation.

The dental labs provide specialty services that include among others: Full Mouth Rehabilitation, Implants, All Porcelain Crowns, using various systems like Golden Gate etc., Veneers with Press Porcelain, PFM with Margin Porcelain, Inlays, On-lays and Crowns using press porcelain (with internal staining), PFM Crown and Bridge (precious and non-precious), Metal Crown and Bridge (precious and non-precious), Bleaching Trays, Dentures, Over-Dentures, Partials – Cast Metal & Flexible, Clasps, Implant Restorations, all kinds of Acrylic work, Night Guard and Snore Guard, Diagnostic wax ups, custom temporaries, and in orthodontics study models; palatal expanders; Haas expanders; space maintainers; Hawley retainers; lingual arches; sagittal appliances; etc.

Smile Makeovers (pictures):

The dental laboratories are expected to be committed to providing exceptional quality prosthesis and services to the restorative dental practice. Teeth in different shades and materials; Porcelain Ovens/Furnace; burnout ovens; casting machines; blasting units, dust collectors, air compressors; vacuum pumps; die stone ideal for all crown, bridge, and even complex restorative cases; and other miscellaneous equipment and instruments. We also have found, though, that many dentists depend on a number of different dental labs because of the lack of resources in smaller places or technical constraints of individual laboratories.

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75 % OFF


Treatments Covered-
  • Comprehensive Oral Exam
  • Full Oral Exam
  • Initial Dental Exam
  • Follow Up Visit

View Details Nashik
30 % OFF
Image for Dental Offer DENTAL TOURISM PACKAGE No 1


Special Price - 10500 (INR-Indian Rupee )
Treatments Covered-
  • X-rays
  • Scaling & Polishing
  • Professional Teeth Whitening
  • Comprehensive Oral Exam

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50 % OFF
Image for Dental Offer Full Mouth Dental Implant Fixed Teeth

Full Mouth Dental Implant Fixed Teeth

Special Price - 20000 (INR-Indian Rupee )
Treatments Covered-
  • Dental Implants
  • Implant Bridges
  • Full Arch Implant Dentures (U&L)
  • Full Arch Implant Bridges (U&L)

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