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You learn at India Dental Clinic or may generally know it already that the first signs of healthy gums is that they are pink and DO NOT BLEED.  The jawbones anchor teeth firmly in place and there is no build up of plaque or calculus, one of the common dental problems. The proper gum ruler measurements are 1-3 mm. Gum disease is caused by plaque, a sticky film of bacteria that constantly forms on the teeth. Our mouth is full of bacteria! There are at least 300 different species of bacteria in the mouth, 30 of these bacteria types are capable of producing periodontal disease. Healthy gums are clearly defined as pale coral pink and form a firm triangle between the teeth. When you have gingivitis, the gums often turn dark red and become swollen besides other common conditions.

At most of the dental treatment clinics in India, the gum disease is reversible only when it is in the early stages of gingivitis. One need to follow good oral hygiene, including regular brushing and flossing, lest it progresses into nonreversible condition of periodontitis when more advanced treatment of gum surgery procedures would be needed. Scientists have speculated that oral bacteria invading gum tissues could cause the immune system to provoke changes in tissues and organs elsewhere in the body that lead to premature labor. But because periodontal disease also is associated with poverty and smoking, which in turn may be linked to other risk factors such as poor diet and inadequate prenatal care, the link could be purely coincidental. Regular visit to your dentist in India from listing directory of India Dental Clinic or the place of stay is an important regimen.

For the maintenance of healthy gums the vitamin supplements like Vitamin E, Folic acid liquid, Vitamin C, etc., are useful as tooth care diet. These vitamin supplements, when applied topically, may decrease gum inflammation and bleeding. Besides regular intake of fresh fruits and green vegetables that are rich in calcium, iron, vitamins A and C and using natural mouth rinses containing Aloe Vera and/or other herbs in India, another conclusive therapy states that applying the contents of a vitamin E capsule to inflamed gum tissue every third day should stimulate more rapid healing. On day two, you can apply folic acid liquid to the gums and on day three, brush with a paste containing vitamin C and water. All these topical therapies should be carried out twice daily, after you brush your teeth. It is good idea to connect to holistic dentistry for a comprehensive dental health care. Oral health is an integral part of overall health and wellness. Women during pregnancy could give babies a healthier start in life. Healthy gums, healthy babies! A perusal of dental patient education pages provide you with additional dental tips and dental cost in India.

If the health of gums is not maintained properly, it gives rise to gum disease, your partial or dentures become misfit causing sores and thrush. The build up of plaque may trigger colony of bacteria create bad breath, lead to enamel erosion, dental caries, receding gums, penetrate root to cause teeth abscess thereby necessitating root canal or even extractions. In certain cases it may require treatments like dental bridges and dental implants to bring oral health to normalcy. Best efforts should be made to avoid sugary diets, sodas and colas. Vacation dental tourism in India brings you opportunity to regain periodontal health.

                                                                                 HEALTHY GUMS DO NOT BLEED


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