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About Dental Scaling and Polishing in India
The dental scaling is one of the essential components of good oral hygiene. The tooth cleaning procedure is performed to remove calculus (tartar), plaque and stains at India Dental Clinic. In its next step the polishing of tooth surfaces is done. The dental polishing makes the tooth surfaces smooth making it more difficult for plaque and debris to accumulate. This provides normal protection to the teeth from decay and gum disease. The polishing is a preventive dentistry procedure considered to be providing a first-line defense against dental problems like tooth abscess that leads to root canals which needs a dental crown for better protection, an avoidable dental procedure despite low cost best dental clinics in India.

Scaling and Polishing Treatment Procedure
India Dental Clinic listed dental centers in India perform the procedure of full mouth dental scaling and polishing which is essentially aimed at deep cleaning of your mouth. The hard build up of calculus (tartar) is removed by a special tool. This is followed by giving teeth a thorough polish. The areas concentrated on are just below the gum line, behind your teeth and in the gaps in between them, as these are the regions commonly missed when we brush our teeth. Scaling and polishing helps prevent gum disease as well as bad breath. Scaling and polishing is usually pain-free at best dental care clinics in India. However, if you do experience some discomfort the hygienist can eliminate this with the use of topical anaesthetic creams or by giving you some local anaesthetic. It is important that you let the dentist/hygienist in India know at the time so that some pain control can be given.

Scaling and Polishing Technology
At many of India dental clinics latest technology scalars are used. One of the units has small tip and high frequency scaling tool with water spray technology that delivers higher patient comfort. Piezo technology effectively removes the calculus (tartar) buildup than is possible with conventional scaling tools, available at advanced dental offices in India. The controlled vibration pattern and straight-line oscillation pattern allows for high efficiency and low pain. The ultrasonic cavitations and acoustic streaming of the scaling instruments have been scientifically proven to increase treatment efficiency. You may opt for this procedure during your dental India tour.

The additional use of Sodium Bicarbonate powder at high pressure, along with water spray, you will have all your teeth with their natural color shade, without any stains, or black spots. Dental Technicians are only allowed to remove supragingival calculus. Supragingival calculus is defined as calculus above the gumline. Subgingival calculus removal and root planing are only to be performed by a dentist or dental hygienist.

Toothpaste and Prevention
Maintaining high level of dental hygiene, using tartar control toothpastes and mouth rinses is important after consulting Indian dentist at the India Dental Clinic. The best way to prevent the build up of calculus is through brushing and flossing twice daily. The periodic teeth cleaning visits to your dentist based on a schedule recommended should be adhered to. The taking of X-rays adds to the watchful feature of your dental health. Calculus accumulates more easily in some individuals, requiring more frequent brushing, and dental visits. When it accumulates excessively, natural tooth structure may become hidden by it, leaving you susceptible to oral diseases. A host of other expensive treatments like bridge or partials or dental implants are avoided by this procedure, confining you to cheap dental treatment in India.

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