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Mobile Dentistry - dental treatment at your doorstep

When people are not able to avail dental treatment for lack of financial means or time, modern dentistry now moves and reaches them as need based approach. It is generally agreed that dental providers adequately trained in mobile dentistry in India can perform a valuable service for residents.  Children, seniors and others belonging to lower strata of society who cannot obtain dental care on their own are sure to benefit by bringing mobile dental clinics in India to their doorstep or neighborhood. The improvements in the range of portable dental tools, super light compression, and generators have brought forth effectiveness of mobile dental care.

What is Mobile Dentistry?
In the already known traditional model, a dental patient makes an appointment, travels to the dental clinic, receives treatment, and returns home. The dental clinics India that welcome “walk-in” patients are generally able to provide symptomatic care. If the symptoms return, patient has to call on again to have it addressed.
Mobile dentistry presents entirely different scenario. In a typical mobile practice, dentist and staff arrive at a facility where the patients are already located, such as a school, community center, elder care facility, or sizeable manufacturing facility. This logistical approach saves time, money and energy.
The mobile dentists in India might also visit some designated nursing homes where dental services section is missing. Mobile dentist either carries the portable dental equipment kits in a car/utility vehicle or moves in a van which in itself serves as a mobile dental clinic. Portable dental equipments are very easy to move from one site to another without needing special carriers.
Who benefits from Mobile Dental Clinics?
Mobile dentistry presents far-reaching benefits to all sections of society. Underserved people, frail elderly, and children living in slums and rural areas may have limited access to dentist and care. Lack of dental care leads to plaque buildup and gum disease, and which is further known to be leading to bigger issues like heart disease and fatality. Under some outreach dental care programs or benevolent dentists adopting mobile dental clinics methods offer treatment at barest minimum cost so that none goes without dental care.

Mobile dentistry is also for those patients – like busy executives with time limitations, children and seniors with special needs, phobia stricken, and more – who would otherwise miss their routine dental visit. Patients who are bed ridden with injury or serious ailment would naturally wish dentistry comes home at my doors. Receiving routine dental treatment at home bed is no longer a distant dream today. Dentistry travels to patient on-site – homes, businesses, schools, institutions, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, old-age homes, apartment complexes, remote areas, and more - so the dental appointment becomes easier and less stressful on the patient.

Achieving Efficiency in Mobile Dental Care
A better understanding of equipment needs is crucial for the dental staff to act in a well organized way. Routine of the necessities of the practice, including equipment care and maintenance, would apply similarly to mobile dental settings. But what needs to be watched is that resources designated for the mobile practice are kept separate from supplies for the main practice to avoid facing any confusion. The sundries required for mobile dentistry are no different from the clinic setting. 
Sterilization and storage of dental instruments need segregation, including that of surgical instruments kept on hand. Separate packs may be assembled for examinations, sealants, emergencies, periodontal procedures, restorative care, prosthetics, and surgical procedures. Kits for endodontic, surgical or restorative procedures are kept individually packed. Three layers of packing would be ideal: one for equipment used for examinations, prophylaxis and surgery, a second for restorative and endodontic equipment and a third for prosthetic supplies and equipment. A large carry bag can hold disposable materials (bibs, liquids, wipes, towels, etc.). Intraoral and Extraoral cameras may be handy for mobile dentists in India wishing to keep pictures of interesting cases for reference and guidance.

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