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Hemisection literally means "dividing in two." The procedure involves cutting a tooth with two roots in half, creating a front half and a back half. It often is done by a periodontist, but any experienced dentist, endodontist or oral surgeon can do the procedure. A hemisection cannot be done on an upper molar for it has three roots. But an India Dental Clinic expert/specialist dentist still could divide an upper molar into three parts (sometimes referred to as trisection), or could remove one or two roots (root resection). Ideally, a tooth needing a hemisection should first receive root canal treatment if that has not already been done. Hemisection is a surgical procedure which may be required in one of the following situations:

• Endodontic Failure of an individual root which cannot be retreated
• Bone Loss around an individual root (periodontal disease)

A hemisection is done when decay or if there is significant bone loss around an individual root due to periodontal (gum) disease extends into the area between the two roots, called the bifurcation. These teeth usually do very well with one less root. Before hemisection, your dentist at India Dental Clinic also will look at your X-rays and examine your teeth to pinpoint the areas of decay and the extent of periodontal disease. Removing the front root of a lower second molar and using it as a bridge anchor (abutment) to replace a missing first molar, prevents the need for a partial denture or dental implant.

Once the roots have been separated at dental center in India, your dentist will evaluate each half of the tooth and its root separately and determine whether they can be restored with crowns. Alternatively, the two halves of the tooth can be restored as individual teeth by placing two separate crowns, one on each root. It is even possible to use individual tooth roots to help support bridges. In some situations, this may require crown lengthening of one or both parts of the tooth and roots. In certain instances, guided tissue regeneration can be used for the bone to grow again in the bifurcation area so a dental implant can be placed at a later date. In many cases, people choose to have the tooth removed and replaced with an implant.

The treatment is possible with many of the general dentists or Endodontist listed as India Dental Clinic subscribing components. If traveling from overseas, you may decide to take a low cost trip in India for treatment and also to enjoy many options of tourism in India.

Root Amputation
Root amputation procedure involves the complete removal of one or more roots in a multi-rooted tooth, without removal of any portion of the crown.

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