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India Dental Clinic provides general dental care information about the common dental problems, causes, and solution. In the many dental problems, the biggest culprit is plaque. If plaque is not removed, it can lead to infection, cavities and tooth loss. Many foods that are rich in sugar, along with fizzy drinks, candy and carbohydrates, contribute to plaque. Such foods often make the mouthwash ineffective. Plaque is a colorless substance that coats the teeth and erodes enamel. Plaque is a breeding ground for bacteria and can lead to many other dental problems. The city dentist/dental center India where you visit will tell that when the dental hygiene is not of high grade oral health is likely to deteriorate. This increases the family dentistry expenses and forces the entire budget for general dental care going astray. Other major dental problems include periodontitis. This is an infection of the gums caused by the bacteria in plaque, which is also likely to occur due to wrong brushing technique. If left untreated, the infection will rot the tissue in the gums and destroy the bones around the teeth, eventually facing (total) tooth loss and needing bone grafting to restore oral health with full dentures, overdenture or partials.

Common dental problems care India directs that if the oral hygiene is lacking and periodontal signs are neglected, Gingivitis is the name for early gum disease. Symptoms of gingivitis include bad breath and bleeding gums when they are brushed. In this condition, the gums become red and swollen. If the treatment is not undertaken in time, you face the receding gums. Advanced gum disease can lead to tooth loss, and in most cases, it is easily preventable by adopting the dentist advised solutions for common dental problems in India. It is often seen that when timely orthodontic treatment of malaligned teeth or such other problems is not corrected by dental braces, also lead to periodontal disease.

Dental clinics in India and worldwide know that cavities are also high up on the list of dental problems. These are small holes formed in the teeth caused by prolonged tooth decay. The plaque in the mouth causes acid to eat through the tooth’s enamel (dental erosion). Tooth enamel loss can be treated by dental bonding. Cavities must usually be filled by the dentist, or they may lead to more serious dental problems. Many people suffer from an abscessed tooth. This happens when the gum becomes infected and a small pocket filled with pus forms around the tooth. An abscessed tooth can lead to other dental problems, such as bone damage and tissue decay. Root canal work may be required, and teeth may need to be capped or even extracted. This may further necessitate restorative dental treatment of bridgework or dental implants. A prolonged neglect would further add to expenses on dental health needing full oral/mouth rehabilitation at dental surgery.

Tooth discoloration due to medication, fluorosis, root canal or minor injury is viewed more from cosmetic dentistry angle than as any dental health issue. Your dentist will advise the best treatment for common dental problems in India. If correction by professional teeth whitening or home bleach, and affordability is not a major concern with you, quality ceramic/porcelain dental veneers present a perfect answer. Sensitive teeth are a problem for many people. Sensitive teeth sting when exposed to hot or very cold foods or liquids. Sensitive teeth may be caused by cavities or an abscessed tooth. There may also be tiny cracks in the tooth that leave the inside of the tooth exposed for which teeth restorations like inlay/onlay may be advised. There are certain toothpastes that are available to help prevent the pain associated with sensitive teeth.

Impacted teeth are a very common dental problem. Usually, an impacted tooth has only partially appeared, but it may also not appear at all through the gum. Dental disorder like pericoronitis develops in which the gum tissue around the molar teeth becomes swollen and infected. This usually happens to the wisdom teeth. Impacted teeth can cause pain and crowding of the other teeth. Extractions are usually the best way to deal with impacted teeth. A specialist dentist like oral & maxillofacial surgeon deals with impacted tooth removal. Dental problems not caused by infection include tooth grinding (bruxism). Although this is sometimes seen as harmless, it can lead to other dental problems. Prolonged grinding can bring about fractures and cracks in the teeth. It can also cause wear and tear to the jaw and loosen teeth. A special dentist made device (bruxism guard) is available with dentist India Dental Clinic to be worn at night if you suffer from tooth grinding. It saves you from developing TMJ Disorders.

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