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In a situation when there is infection of the nerve or pulp tissue of a primary or permanent tooth, it needs to be treated to prevent a dental abscess and tooth loss in extraction. The two methods of treating infected dental nerve tissue adopted at India Dental Clinic are the Pulpotomy and Pulpectomy. The ultimate objective of these procedures is to save the tooth, so that it will maintain the integrity and function of the dental arch.

The innermost part of the tooth is called the pulp. When the pulp of a primary tooth becomes infected due to deep decay or a crack within the tooth and the infected areas need to be removed, the procedure is called Pulpotomy. The pulp also contains the tooth's blood vessels, which feed the tooth and keep it alive and healthy. Pulpotomy for primary teeth involves the surgical removal of the entire coronal pulp from the crown (visible portion of the tooth above the gums) leaving intact the vital radicular pulp within the canals. In place of removing the tooth, the pulp is treated which allows the tooth to remain in the mouth until the end of its natural life. The procedure involves removal of dead tissue and placement of medicated materials in the root canal. Following this, a stainless steel crown is placed over the tooth to make it strong. This procedure is usually done on primary teeth (children's teeth) by a pediatric dentist or an endodontist at India Dental Clinic.

The Pulpectomy procedure is also called partial root canal. Pulpectomy refers to a common endodontic procedure in which the dental pulp and root canal are completely removed. This procedure is usually done on primary teeth (children’s teeth) by a pediatric dentist.  The ’pulp’ is soft tissue containing the dental nerves inside a tooth and ‘ectomy’ means to cut out. If the decay has progressed into the dental nerve far enough, the tooth will abscess. When this occurs, the tooth will need a Pulpectomy or be removed and a space maintainer placed. An abscessed primary tooth may have no discomfort due to the fact that the bone holding the roots is a spongy bone that is porous. When there is an infection in the primary tooth, the abscess can drain through the bone and gums into the mouth with no pressure buildup. On the other hand, a permanent tooth lies in the dense cortical bone, and if a tooth abscesses there will be a pressure buildup and significant discomfort. The treatment is similar to a root canal therapy on a permanent tooth, but is accomplished in one visit to India Dental Clinic. The nerve chambers of the tooth are cleaned, irrigated, dried, and filled with resorbable paste filler. The tooth is then restored with a composite or stainless steel crown. Most patients initially experience pulpitis for some weeks or months before the pain gets severe. Of course, the best time to treat the problem is early when the discomfort is mild. The only alternative to pulpectomy is tooth extraction which although initially cheaper requires further implementation of a dental implant or a bridge. Extraction could also cause a shift in the surrounding teeth resulting in crooked teeth and eventually possible teeth loss.

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