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India Dental Clinic comes across many patients more inclined to enjoy the benefits of modern dentistry opt for a dental implant bridge that uses dental implants instead of natural teeth to support a dental bridge. Lower removable partial dentures that replace two or more missing molar and premolar teeth tend to be a big problem and patients tell oral implant dentists in India that they hate to wear them. The area where the teeth are missing is called an edentulous ridge. Two implants can be placed in the edentulous ridge and a dental implant restoration can solve the problems associated with wearing removable partial dentures.

There are two basic dental implant treatment options tooth implantologists offer at India Dental Clinic for those patients who have one or more missing teeth, but are not missing all of their teeth. They can either opt for an implant supported single teeth or an implant-retained bridge. In a situation when the surrounding teeth are not very healthy and are not good supports for a traditional bridge, this presents the case for using a dental implant bridges that prove to be very helpful. No patient would ever like to see tooth loss. Patients who have gum disease often have loose teeth that they wish to keep. These loose teeth are not able to support the forces placed upon them in traditional tooth replacement restorations. Placing oral implants around the existing teeth helps decrease the destructive forces that the natural teeth have to bear.

It needs to be frankly stated that rather than a dental implant bridge, whenever it's possible, it is better to place three adjacent dental implants with each of the three having an individual dental implant crown. There is no denying the principle that more the dental implants used the better. Each additional implant provides additional support. A patient’s perspective of achieving cost effectiveness also cannot be denied at dental implants center in India, as can be seen in this 4 unit bridge example pictures from Bicon:

Four-tooth implant bridge being inserted into two Bicon implants. Center shows implant bridge after insertion. Radiographs shows 4-tooth implant bridge on two Bicon implants.

The choice of other brands in dental implant system in India, the cost of dental implants, the implant placement and the dental crown or bridgework on top at the restoration phases can all be discussed with the treating specialist oral implant dentist of India Dental Clinic.

In terms of its looks, an implant-supported bridge resembles a traditional bridge, with two implant-supported crowns on either side of a suspended crown. This may be done to avoid using an implant in certain areas (e.g., where it would be too close to a nerve or sinus cavity, or where there is not enough jawbone to support the implant). This is also explained in detail in the dental implants section of IndiaDentalClinic.Com and can also be discussed with your dentist in India.

In an oral situation when replacing three teeth in the far back of the mouth, a fixed bridge anchored to dental implants is the only fixed alternative. Traditional dentures can't offer the same stability or function. When the oral conditions are right, a one-step process can also be adopted. This involves surgically placing oral implants into the jaw, while leaving the head of the implant exposed. Therefore, a second surgery is not needed. Having dental implants replacing your lost back teeth will give you new, unparalleled strength and stability that allows you to eat what you want. It will also preserve your jawbone and facial appearance. A temporary bridge is placed over the prepared abutments. When the abutments consist of natural teeth with portions of their enamel removed to accommodate the crowns, the temporary bridge protects them and helps maintain their position in the mouth. For surgically placed implants, a temporary bridge cushions the implant and allows the gum to continue to heal (osseointegration) around the implant. Temporary bridges also provide cosmetic appeal while patients wait for their permanent bridge date with the dental clinic in India.

Any patient beneficiary will confirm that Implant-supported full dentures and bridges also are more comfortable and stable than conventional dentures, allowing you to retain a more natural biting and chewing capacity. In addition, because implant-supported full bridges and dentures will replace some of your tooth roots, your bone is better preserved. With conventional dentures, the bone that previously surrounded the tooth roots begins to resorb (deteriorate). Dental implants integrate with your jawbone, helping to keep the bone healthy and intact. An implant-supported bridge may be either screwed or cemented to the implants. The screw-holes on the type that are screwed in are filled after a proper fit is verified on the permanent bridge. Typically, a composite resin material that matches the tooth color is used. And, by following a regular routine of oral hygiene like brushing, flossing and regular dental checkups, oral implants can last for many years.

Alternative to fixed bridge:

In cases when patients are not in a position to afford implants, Removable Partial Denture is the traditional option. This alternative is often perceived as uncomfortable and a bit complicated to use. Function can’t be compared to that of a bridge. This denture is made of plastic and metal, which affects its look. It is quite expensive to fabricate due to its many parts. However, the installation process is simple, and natural teeth are spared. Dental care tourism patients from abroad seek affordable dental vacations in India. India Dental Clinic offers cheap dental implants treatment in India.


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