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It would be futile to ask what you would choose between bad breath and fresh breath. It is commonly accepted fact that fresh breath is an important indicator of a person’s health and vivacity. Mouth rinses serve a variety of purposes like they mask bad breath, fight cavities or prevent the buildup of plaque, the sticky material that contains germs and is known to contribute to oral diseases. People with immune system problems are at greater risk of oral infections and inflammation, and already undergoing some dental treatment. Mouthwash can provide added protection against these problems. Many people turn to mouthwash as an easy and effective way to maintain a clean and fresh feeling mouth. Mouth rinses are especially well suited for persons who, for whatever reason, are unable to brush or floss their teeth as often as they should, and are conscious about their dental health.

You have the choice of picking up either therapeutic or cosmetic (medicated or non-medicated) variety of mouthwash, while some may be a combination of both. Mouthwash is a liquid solution that is swished around inside the mouth to cover the teeth, gums and tongue, and then is spit out. Preventive dentistry is however based upon sound diagnosis. Both types of rinses help wash away oral debris prior or post brushing, restrains bad breathe, abate bacteria in the mouth, and leaves a pleasant taste in the mouth to refresh it. The only difference between the two types of oral rinses is the presence of an active agent against certain oral diseases. Therapeutic rinses can be classified according to use: antiplaque, antigingivitis rinses and anticavity fluoride rinses. Therapeutic rinses are prescribed for severe oral problems such as caries, periodontal disease, gum inflammation and xerostomia (dry mouth). Anticavity rinses with fluoride, however, have been clinically proven to fight up to 50 percent more of the bacteria that cause cavities. India dental clinics typically recommend Fluoride mouthwashes for children under age 18 and adults who are experiencing a lot of new dental cavities.

Mouthwash is intended to be a supplement to (not a replacement for) good oral hygiene practices, such as daily brushing and flossing, and using different toothpastes or tooth powder. The medicated mouthwashes are usually prescribed by the dentist for specific conditions like gum infections, ulcers, or after gum surgery. These may contain Chlorhexidine gluconate having pronounced antiseptic properties. Other mouthwashes available may contain chemicals like Stannous Fluoride, Cetylpyridinium Chloride, Sanguinarine, Sodium Benzoate, etc. These may be classified as either medicated or non-medicated, as their constituents are such that no prescription is required, but their use cannot be decided on by the patient himself. The patients wearing dentures, tooth crown, bridge, or dental implants may ask their dentist the dental care instructions for any specifically recommended mouth rinses.

Mouthwash is typically used after brushing and flossing and is not diluted unless patient finds some alcoholic variety difficult to handle due to weak oral health. When mouthwash is used, patients should follow the directions provided by their dentist or on the product packaging. Mouthwash should be swished around vigorously so that it rinses the front and sides of the mouth equally. In some cases the dental specialists in India may direct the patients to gargle. This type of rinsing is especially effective at reaching the back of the tongue, where bacteria may accumulate. Although mouth rinses do wash away debris and bacteria, they should never be used as permanent substitute for proper dental care. The advanced packaging technology has made easy the availability of herbal oral care products in India and dentistry abroad in various convenient shapes and economical sizes.

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