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Endodontic surgery in India: When there is the need try save your tooth with surgical intervention, it is possible that your dental surgeon or Endodontist may have recommended Apicoectomy. Endodontic surgery is quite a complicated operation, but such a surgery involves the pulp and root of the teeth lets you save your own teeth and sincere smile. In a scenario when re-treatment of perfectly obturated root canal system is indicated, it is only to remove or correct the mechanical failure such as apical blockage or perforation. This is endodontic surgery than an Apicoectomy. This surgical removal of the untreated apical portion of the root will correct the problem at India Dental Clinic.

Indications for Endodontic Surgery
It needs to be emphasized here that endodontic surgery is not to be used instead of conventional endodontics. Surgery is indicated when conventional techniques cannot be used.

A completed root canal is sealed with Gutta Percha. Still there are any numbers of reasons that root canals fail. It may not necessarily be due to the failure of treating dentist. For example, maxillary molars, mandibular incisors, and mandibular first premolars are often problematic simply by virtue of their anatomy. At least 50% of all maxillary molars have a second canal in the mesiobuccal root. The ones that start in the pulp chamber are easy to clean and fill, but if the canal divides part of the way down the canal, diagnosis and obturation are somewhat difficult or impossible.

Often extra canals are neither visible nor accessible with traditional techniques. It is for this reason that it may be impossible for anyone to successfully treat that particular tooth with the traditional root canal techniques. This is a problem that will not resolve or go away without some intervention.

Endodontic surgery can help in the following situations:
If there are persistent problems with a tooth having a post and core, it would need to be removed period of conventional re-treatment. However, surgery allows dentist to achieve the most conservative treatment.

It can help to eliminate unusual and undetectable root end anatomy and provide a proper root end seal. Sometimes the only way to remove a broken file is with endodontic surgery. If a portion of the broken file protrudes through the apex, surgery at India Dental Clinic is indicated.

Sometimes pupil calcification makes it difficult for cleaning and shaping instruments to reach the end of the root.  Endodontic surgery helps to clean and seal the remainder of the root. It is often quicker and more cost effective to do an Apicoectomy and retrofill than to remove and replace a post, core, and crown.

Internal Bleaching after Endodontic Surgery
If is often the case that after root canal treatment, or endodontic surgery or Apicoectomy has been performed, teeth have a tendency to discolor after some time and turn to darker shades of brown or grey caused by decomposition. This leads to a loss of aesthetics in the anterior region. Internal bleaching is the cure for this problem, sought to to performed by an Endodontistat your chosen India Dental Clinic.


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