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8 Implants + 14 Unit Metal-ceramic Bridge Cost in Hyderabad

Price : 3700 - USD
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Tooth Extraction(wisdom Tooth) Cost in Chandigarh

Price : 7000 - INR
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Fixed Denture Cost in Meerut

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Teeth Whitening Cost in Jalandhar

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About Tooth Replacement in India
Replacement of teeth in India – Price advantage, affordable cost, high grade dental care centers, multi specialty cheap dental surgery, experienced Indian dentists, and maybe free dental tourism holidays offering from the listed India Dental Clinic. Tooth replacement cost in India is affordable to all dental patients visiting dental clinics India. The cost of tooth replacement surgery with dental implants at best dental office in India is dependent on factors like the number of teeth being replaced and the number of implants required supporting your permanent replacement teeth. Find a recommended low cost tooth replacement dentist dental clinic in India with India Dental Clinic.

Why replace missing teeth?
Tooth replacements at dental clinics in India - to leave behind a life of limits leading to restricted eating, smiling with face covered, colorless relationships, stagnant professional growth, inconvenience, socially self-consciousness and inactivity, embarrassment in business situations, and other life experiences. Tooth replacement treatment in India dental center helps you see positive progress in all spheres. The dental health reasons, treatment for extracted teeth, ill fitted dentures, or to replacing missing teeth include the understanding of following:

You come across many people who due to neglect, trauma, or just old age, have lost many or all of their teeth needing full mouth tooth replacement. Situation with children is different when you see great number of them smiling with their primary teeth missing. But most adults also at one time or another will lose a tooth. Besides functional ability to chew, teeth are necessary for the health of the gums, jaw, and other neighbouring tooth in the mouth, as well. Their absence can be detrimental to long-term oral and medical health. Tooth replacement at old age be placed as priority dental treatment and should not be avoided. Hence, opting for affordable tooth replacement with implants dentistry in India is a good idea.

An off-bite relationship: It is well known that the neighbouring tooth and opposing tooth will tilt or drift into an open space left by a missing tooth (teeth). It affects the way our jaw closes. An off-bite relationship allows emergence of problems like TMJ (acute pain and erosion in jaw joint). The food gets trapped in open spaces and gums might get hurt chewing hard foods thereby increasing the risk and treatment of tooth decay and periodontal gum disease.

Jawbone deterioration: Soon after your tooth loss from gum disease or an extraction, the slow process of dissolution of supporting bone, called resorption, in the jaw begins. The amount of bone and gum loss and the rate at which this loss progresses, varies greatly among individuals. However, the majority occurs during the first eighteen months after the tooth is removed. The longer a tooth is missing, the greater the bone loss. Over time, more and more of the jawbone disintegrates until it becomes weak and noticeably smaller, and continues in varying degrees throughout life. When many teeth are missing, the muscles of the face can become saggy, making it difficult to speak and chew.

Nutrition: With the chewing ability compromised due to tooth loss, studies have shown that good percentage of denture wearers eat only soft or mashed foods and majority of others avoid many natural nutritional foods altogether. Affordable tooth replacement surgery in India under dental health care also helps restore your overall general health condition.

Tooth Replacement Surgery India - Treatment Options:

There are a number of options for removable and fixed tooth replacements dentistry in India at chosen listed dental surgery India – tooth loss to gum disease, RCT, extraction, accident – including the following:

- Do nothing - accept the space and leave it empty.

- Dental Crowns in India - as replacement crown for loose or old worn out dental crown, chipped or broken tooth for protection from and cure tooth decay. They are also commonly used after root canal treatment. Dental crown replaces missing or damaged natural tooth structures or as a restoration over an implant. There are three basic types of dental crowns: (1) All porcelain crowns (2) Porcelain fused to metal (e.g. gold) dental crowns and (3) all metal dental crowns.

- Dental Bridges in India - can replace missing tooth/teeth. The procedure involves fixing of artificial teeth onto adjacent natural teeth. Replacement teeth are attached to natural teeth on either side of the gap caused by one or more missing teeth. Once cemented in place, bridges can't be removed for cleaning. In a conventional or traditional bridge, the artificial teeth, or pontics, are attached to natural abutment teeth located on either side of the gap. A cantilever bridge is attached to only one abutment and the other side is not anchored. In a Maryland bridge, the pontics are attached by a metal framework that is bonded directly to the abutment teeth along the back of the teeth.

- Full Dentures in India - have dentures (false teeth) fitted - temporary or "immediate" denture immediately after full dental extractions. This may even be fitted and worn the same day as your teeth are removed. These are removable plastic or metal frameworks carrying artificial teeth. If you have full dentures, you will need to remove them for cleaning and take them out at night.

- Partial Dentures in India – A removable partial denture can replace one or more missing teeth.  Removable partial dentures are attached to your natural teeth with metal clasps or devices called precision attachments and keep it in position. There are different types of dentures, but they commonly include a metal and/or acrylic (plastic) base with plastic or porcelain artificial teeth. Esthetic appearance and speech is restored along with the ability to eat confidently and efficiently, and these clasps are hidden so that they can't be seen when you smile or talk.

- Dental Implants in India – Oral implants are great option for patients missing one tooth, several teeth or all natural teeth.  Implants are placed into the bone and are like a bionic tooth. These are metal "pegs" which attach to the jawbone and single crown,  dentures or bridges are cemented/clipped or screwed on top. Dental Implants are not suitable for everyone. You need to be in good general health, have healthy gums and your jawbone must be thick enough for the tooth implant. There are however, surgical procedures (bone grafting, osseous surgery, sinus lift surgery) to increase the amount of bone in your jaw. Cheap and affordable tooth implants in India are the best long term option over other types of dental replacements to fix teeth permanently.

- Mini Dental Implants in India - For the sites with small teeth and incisors narrower implants may be used as tooth replacement surgery. In certain situations the mini dental implants bring good stabilization to the lower jaw dentures, pre-molar teeth or a missing tooth for patients that have narrow area. Patients won’t mind taking chances with mini implants as those are cheaper compared to conventional tooth implants, are less in width, do not have screws, and do not require bone grafting. Teeth replacement at old age with mini dental implants is comparatively cheaper in implants dentistry India.

- Dental Implants Bridge in India – it is good replacement for several missing teeth side by side. In a situation when the surrounding teeth are not very healthy and are not good supports for a traditional bridge, this presents the case for using a dental implant bridges that prove to be very helpful. Tooth replacement implants dentistry in India is an affordable cosmetic smile correction option.

- Dental Implants Overdenture in India - an overdenture or implant dentures is the one that goes over natural teeth or over dental implants fixing teeth permanently. Dental Implants are surgically placed into the jaw bones and after healing an artificial top is placed into the implant containing an attachment for dentures. It is estimated that these oral implant retained dentures or removable implant overdentures will restore nearly 90% of chewing ability and offer improved oral hygiene, and you are less prone to periodontal (gum) disease. India Dental Clinic lists specialist dentists in procedures like full mouth tooth replacement in India.

- Fixed Full Dentures in India - Fixed full dentures or permanent dentures are screwed into dental implants on to a metal framework placed underneath where they stay fixed in the mouth and are not removed. These dentures can perform tearing of food much better, almost like real teeth.

The most appropriate treatment will depend on the number of teeth that are missing, where they are placed in your mouth and the condition of any remaining teeth. Your dentist will help you decide which option of tooth replacement is best for you.

Do missing teeth always need to be replaced?
It usually depends on where in your mouth the loss of teeth has happened. Dental aesthetic (cosmetic dentistry) considerations discussed with India Dental Clinic necessitate tooth replacement of front teeth. But if the missing tooth gap is at the back of your mouth, tooth replacements in India of such tooth sites may still be considered desirable, if not as much necessary, because dental replacement prices in India are very much affordable. So, no delay is of any worth if you are looking to have your teeth fixed aiming at good dental / oral health and pocket the savings on dental care in India.

Missing teeth at the back of your mouth don’t always need to be replaced. However, it needs to be understood that sometimes a missing back tooth can cause your dental arches, which support your teeth, to collapse slightly. Your bite may also go misaligned if the teeth either side starts to lean into the gap. If your dentist recommends, go in for the fixed tooth replacement/artificial tooth replacement for an overall better dental health. As per the missing tooth position, your dentist might have considered that food can get stuck in the gap left by a missing tooth and this may cause tooth decay and gum disease. Reasons of tooth decay and gum disease should be arrested in time.

Most appropriate tooth replacement treatment: As you will discuss your situation with your dentist in personal dental consultation or online dental advice in big or small Indian cities (Goa Kerala Rajasthan Delhi New Delhi Mumbai Navi Mumbai Bangalore Bengaluru Hyderabad Chennai Pune Kolkata Cochin Kochi Chandigarh Coimbatore Trichy Ahmedabad Surat Vadodara Bhopal Indore Agra Jaipur Udaipur Kanpur Lucknow Varanasi Jalandhar Amritsar Ludhiana Trivandrum Kovalam Thiruvananthapuram Bhavnagar Mangalore), it will depend on the dental advice you are handed over based on the number of teeth that are missing, where they are in your mouth and the condition of any remaining teeth. Your dentist and pocket (dental treatment price) will help you decide which option is best for you. Locate the best tooth replacement dental center in India for your dental treatment abroad of choice.


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