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Oral Prophylaxis is commonly known as ‘professional cleaning and is designed to preserve health and prevent the spread of disease. These professional cleanings are performed by your general dentist or a certified dental hygienist at India Dental Clinic to prevent gum disease and tooth decay and to preserve the health of the teeth in general. Visit to dental center in India for the purpose of cleaning tooth surfaces is to make these surfaces smooth which make it more difficult for plaque and debris to accumulate on your teeth to initiate dental decay or gum disease. During a cleaning, the Indian dentist/hygienist will remove plaque from the teeth, get rid of the tarter buildup above the gum line, and polish and remove stains from teeth. This dental surgery procedure involves the use of hand instruments and ultrasonic scalers to detect and remove deposits of plaque on the teeth.

Oral Prophylaxis is considered a very essential part of a complete dental treatment plan but often the procedure is ignored, as patients fail to understand the importance of such procedures. As is common with most patients, the main goal is to achieve immediate relief from the chief complaint (most of the times it is acute pain) and restricting the treatment plan to the same, at the dental center in India.

Oral Prophylaxis should not just be taken as a cosmetic dentistry procedure at dental treatment clinics in India that removes surface stains on the crown part of the tooth or above the gumline so they will look and feel cleaner. It is important to note that supragingival cleaning and coronal polishing do not constitute an oral prophylaxis. Since periodontal gum disease begins below the gum line, scaling must also be done below the gum line by the dentist at India Dental Clinic. Preventative care is an essential part of any plan with India dental clinics for long-term dental health. You are making an investment in your future dental and overall health. By taking adequate care of the teeth and gums today, you can help to ensure a healthy smile tomorrow.

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