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What is an overdenture? An overdenture or implant dentures is the one that goes over natural teeth or over dental implants. India Dental Clinic offers overdenture/implant overdenture treatment in India at affordable cost. A patient left with no natural teeth in mouth is called an edentulous patient, who has the option to go for complete dentures that are a bit uncomfortable for many, particularly while speaking or eating. But when few healthy teeth or tooth roots are still remaining, such a patient receives an oral implant overdenture / implant dentures. The cuspids are the longest teeth in the mouth and many patients who suffer from extensive tooth loss often have their cuspids. However, these patients usually have extensive bone loss so that there is much more of the cuspid tooth sticking out of the jaw bone than there is inside the bone. By doing a root canal and cutting the cuspid down to just above the gums, the ratio of tooth above the bone compared to inside the bone is greatly improved. A denture can be made that goes over and attaches to one or both cuspids.

Implant Supported Dentures
To serve as artificial tooth roots, Dental Implants are surgically placed into the jaw bones and covered over. The implants then heal and integrate with the jaw, a process termed osseointegration. After healing an artificial top is placed into the implant containing an attachment for dentures. Dental implant provides a foundation to hold down a denture and hold it firmly in place. A retainer bar or retention balls are placed on the implants and special attachments are inserted into the denture to grab onto these retention devices. Given the right jaw conditions, lower dentures require 2 implants to properly hold them in place for normal function, one on each side. Additional oral implants will provide better stability. Although implants are usually placed for stability of lower dentures, for a conscious free chewing implants can also be placed to add to the stability of upper dentures.  It is estimated that these oral implant retained dentures or removable implant overdentures will restore nearly 90% of chewing ability and offer improved oral hygiene, and you are less prone to periodontal (gum) disease.

Permanent Dentures (Fixed Full Dentures)
Permanent dentures, as the name suggest, stay fixed in the mouth and are not removed - full teeth replacement. Fixed full dentures are screwed into dental implants on to a metal framework placed underneath. With the dental implants surgically placed inside the bone underneath, they serve to anchor the implant dentures in place and do not move. Unlike traditional complete dentures, these dentures can perform tearing of food much better, almost like real teeth.

In order to achieve the proper fit and functionality of these permanent (fixed full) dentures, a diagnostic is run at India Dental Clinic to ensure that the teeth and the patient’s face look good. Once this is completed, the best positions of the dental implants are chosen based on the final position of the denture teeth. A surgical guide can be made based on the diagnostic set up so that during the dental implant surgery, the oral implants can be placed in precise locations after the healing and integration of the dental implants has successfully occurred. Much like in implant bridges, here also the final dental restorations are placed, adjusted, and implant screws sealed off with cold cure denture acrylic. The fixed full overdenture is so placed that your dentist only can remove it at the India Dental Clinic where the procedure was completed.

Mini Implant Dentures
Patients with weak or resorbed jawbone structure find Mini implant dentures a great idea, when bone augmentation procedures are not necessary! Since the placement procedure involves minimal trauma, most patients can have them done immediately. The patients having ill-fitting or loose existing dentures plates can often have the conversion or modification done to achieve stability. This also saves the patient from making avoidable multiple visits to his general dentist or prosthodontist. Unlike traditional dental implants that take about six months to complete osseointegration, the necessary number of mini implants could be used as final denture supports. This way the mini implant overdentures are held in place by attaching to the heads of titanium alloy implant screws.

In many cases, the old dentures can be retrofitted to attach to the mini implant heads at the same appointment, by drilling the retention areas into the bottom of the dentures. A metal housing is placed into each retention area which allows the denture to snap on and off each implant head. The attachment caps are placed on the implants. They contain rubber O-rings that are the active part of the attachment. The O-rings can be easily changed at any time. The patient is happier to start feeling comfortably heading toward good health and well being.

This is one of the techniques utilized for full-mouth rehabilitation or reconstructive dentistry. India Dental Clinic welcomes your RFQ for cost of implant dentures in India and to join our family of patients and enjoy your designer dentistry India tour with smile.


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