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An Overview of Cosmetic Gum Surgery in India
No one would ever say a ‘no’ to possess an attractive smile at India Dental Clinic. Teeth are definitely important element of a sensational smile in the cosmetic dentistry, but not without the company of healthy gums. If the gum disease is present, teeth cannot be considered on firm foundation, howsoever straightening with braces or teeth whitening you may resort to. When it comes to a beautiful smile the gum or gingival tissue is just as important as overall dental health. Even the nicest teeth need nice framing. Often an unattractive smile results when the quality of gums is in question or when the actual gum between your teeth becomes weak. You can discuss your concerns with the dentists of India Dental Clinic prior to your dental India tour.

Cosmetic Gum Treatment: Aesthetic harmony is often disturbed if your dental hygiene is lacking, and you begin to lose gum tissue. Cosmetic gum surgery brings beneficial rescue in correcting a gummy smile where a lot of your gums are exposed and your teeth appear smaller or in the wrong place. This is why cosmetic gum surgery is something to consider along with other procedures of cosmetic dentistry or smile designing such as composite resin bonding, crowns, bridge (or both crown & bridge work),  porcelain veneers or dental implants, if you’ve already lost a tooth or more to periodontal (gum) disease.

If your teeth appear short, the cosmetic gum surgery procedure lengthens them from the neck of the tooth upwards, also called crown elongation, and performed at a cosmetic gum surgery hospital in India. In the resultant smile teeth appear longer and much less gum can be seen when you smile. Using different method teeth that appear too long can also be made to look balanced at periodontal care clinic in India.  Sometimes, as we age, our gums may shrink and recede which makes our teeth look too long. Though this is often age-related, it can also occur due to a bad bite or genetics.

Steps before Gum Surgery
In the initial stage of consultation at periodontal center India, your Periodontist would review medical and dental history, besides taking the dental x-rays and asking if you are under any medications for other health reasons. This is to ensure how good a candidate you are for the intended gum surgery before scheduling a date for same. Prior to the procedure, patients are urged to follow any preparatory recommendations made by the Periodontist in India. In addition, the Indian Periodontist is likely to outline any temporary changes to oral hygiene methods that should be made following the procedure.

In order to ensure the healthy surroundings exist before the procedure, patients may be expected to undergo teeth cleaning. An advance procedure like scaling and root planing may be adopted to remove buildup of tartar. In a situation when crown lengthening on a single tooth is needed for reasons of preparing for dental crown a temporary one may need to be placed at dental surgery India. This helps protect the tooth and gives the dentist a clearer view of how much soft tissue or bone needs to be removed during the lengthening procedure at dental clinic in India.

Cosmetic Periodontal Procedures

Crown lengthening (Crown Elongation) in India
In a situation when enhancement in the esthetics is aimed at, the extra ‘gummy’ portion is sought to be removed. Crown lengthening involves treating the ‘gummy smile’ a condition in which large amounts of gum tissues is evident around the upper teeth. Crown lengthening can be performed on a single tooth or on multiple adjacent teeth. An uneven gum line can also be distracting. In these cases, multiple-tooth crown lengthening can be done to give your teeth a longer and more attractive appearance. The Periodontist administers a local anesthetic and gently recontours excess gum and bone tissue to expose more of your natural teeth. The outcome is a much more esthetic and beautiful smile. In another situation a tooth (crown) elongation procedure is adopted at dental clinics India. It is performed when there is not enough of the tooth exposed above the gum line of a tooth that is badly worn, decayed or fractured below the gum line to restore the tooth with a filling, crown, bridge or other restorative dentistry technique. The gum is moved back off the bone to expose the roots of the teeth and the surrounding bone. The bone level is then adjusted so more of the tooth is exposed, thereby allowing a better fit of a dental restoration.

Soft Tissue Grafts in India
The issues of receding gums making your teeth look longer or exposed tooth roots giving unsightly looks are addressed by aesthetic soft tissue graft procedures at chosen India Dental Clinic. This can be done for one tooth or several teeth to even the gum line and reduce tooth sensitivity and improve the aesthetics of the smile. A soft tissue graft procedure will repair the defect and help to prevent additional recession and bone loss. In some cases, it can cover exposed roots to protect them from decay.

Some of the commonly used soft tissues grafts are known as (1) Connective-tissue graft. By taking gum tissue from the donor source covers the exposed root. (2) Free gingival graft. A strip of tissue is removed from the roof of the mouth (palate) and stitched to the gum in the area being treated. This method is adopted for patients having very little gum tissue around their teeth. (3) Pedicle graft. A flap of gum tissue from an adjacent tooth is partially cut away and the flap (pedicle) is slid sideways over the exposed root before being stitched into place.

Gingival Flap Surgery in India
The periodontal procedure gingival flap surgery is also known as pocket depth reduction. It involves the Periodontist using a scalpel and other instrument to separating the gums from the teeth temporarily so that the dentist at India Dental Clinic can access the roots of the teeth and the bone for removal of inflamed tissue, plaque and tartar. It is used primarily to treat moderate to severe cases of periodontal (gum) disease by removing tartar in deep pockets or reducing the size of periodontal pockets. The excess plaque and tartar is removed by performing scaling and root planing. Periodontal Flap surgery is recommended in many cases where pocketing depths have reached a level that makes maintenance or cleansing difficult. Sometimes, gingival flap surgery is performed in conjunction with osseous surgery which involves removing or reshaping inflamed bone. After the procedure is complete, the gums are stitched back into place. Either these stitches dissolve or they have to be removed later at dental treatment clinics in India. Removing or smoothening damaged tissue allows the gum tissue to better reattach to healthy bone.

Gingivoplasty – Gum Trimming
Gingivoplasty is surgically reshaping and re-contouring the gum tissue for cosmetic, physiological, or functional purposes. This periodontal procedure is addressed by the Periodontist that you visit at the India Dental Clinic. Gingivoplasty procedures are usually done with local anesthetics, and most patients experience very little post operative pain after the procedure. The gum trimming is resorted to in order to address the ‘gummy smile’. Correction of this complaint serves one of the simplest cosmetic dentistry procedures. This procedure can give the gums a more natural look and is often performed during or after a gingivectomy or a soft-tissue graft at periodontal center of India Dental Clinic.

Gingivectomy in India
The need for gingivectomy arises due to presence of severe gum disease (periodontitis) for which the cure with antibiotics or scaling and root planing may not be possible. Gingivectomy procedure is performed by the periodontist at the India Dental Clinic to remove and reshape loose, diseased gum tissue to get rid of pockets between the teeth and gums. Excessive gum tissue (gingival hyperplasia) can be cosmetically unappealing and may trap bacteria around the teeth compromising oral hygiene. A temporary putty-like substance is placed over your gum line after the small incision that is made in gingivectomy procedure at dental surgery India. This will protect your gums while they heal. You can eat soft foods and drink cool or slightly warm liquids while the putty is in place aiding healing to healthy gums.

Gum Depigmentation
The presence of Melanin pigmentation of the gingiva is most common feature in all races. Melanin hyperpigmentation usually does not present as a medical problem, but patients may complain their black gums are unaesthetic. Visiting an Indian dental clinic, the concern is voiced more by patients with a “gummy smile” or excessive gingival display while smiling. Gingival depigmentation is a periodontal plastic surgical procedure whereby the gingival hyperpigmentation is removed or reduced by various techniques under local anesthesia. The first and foremost indication for depigmentation is patient demand for improved esthetics. The most commonly employed technique is the surgical removal of undesirable pigmentation using scalpels. The dark pigmented areas are removed to expose the naturally pink tissue underneath. A surgical dressing is applied to assist in the healing process, which should be quick and problem free if post-surgical care instructions are followed. The new epithelium that forms is devoid of melanin pigmentation. The end result is a healthy smile that looks natural and radiates confidence. Depigmentation of gums is a procedure that can be performed on individuals of all ages, whether they have their natural teeth, dental laminate veneers, dentures, a partial or dental implants.


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