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Soft Tissue Grafts Procedure in India: There are periodontal procedures that can be applied to arrest the gum recession by the periodontist at the chosen India Dental Clinic. The presence of gum disease may be tackled differently than the desire to improve the esthetics of your gum line. Cost of cosmetic gum surgery in India is affordable including most dental cosmetic care procedures for the dental tourism patients visiting India saving on promotional dental care.

Other than periodontal disease, gums can recede for variety of reasons including brushing tooth hard, gum tissue being naturally thin, and malpositioned teeth. If the gums have receded severely leaving tooth's root exposed, the temperatures sensitivity to hot or cold, or both, may lead to tooth root decay. Your periodontist at dental clinic India will aid you in identifying the factors contributing to the problem. Most gum grafts are performed for health reasons. But some people also don't like the way their gums look.  Once the contributing factors are controlled, a soft tissue graft procedure may possibly repair the defect. When your gums are thinner, there is an increased possibility of gingival recession. A soft-tissue graft can be added to the area of the recession to prevent further problems and bone loss for which osseous surgery or bone grafting may be require when considering dental implants treatment in future.

Some of the commonly used soft tissues grafts are known as (1) Connective-tissue graft. By taking gum tissue from the donor source covers the exposed root. The underlying connective tissue is then removed so that only the outermost (epithelial) layer of tissue is left. The outer layer is stitched back into place and the tissue that was removed is slipped under the gum tissue around the exposed root surface and stitched into place. This is the most common treatment for tooth root exposure. (2) Free gingival graft. A strip of tissue is removed from the roof of the mouth (palate) and stitched to the gum in the area being treated. This method is adopted for patients having very little gum tissue around their teeth. (3) Pedicle graft. A flap of gum tissue from an adjacent tooth is partially cut away and the flap (pedicle) is slid sideways over the exposed root before being stitched into place. This can only be done if the adjacent tooth has enough gum tissue to share. Pedicle grafts may be more successful than free gingival grafts because some of the original blood vessels remain in the area to help feed the grafted section.

Like other grafting procedures, be sure to keep the mouth clean, as gum grafts take time to heal. This means that unaffected teeth will have to be brushed and flossed as usual. However, your periodontist may advise using saline rinses; mouth rinses that contain chlorhexidine usually are prescribed to help control plaque during the healing period. Besides regular checkups in dental care, pain killers and dental antibiotics may be prescribed in some cases.

Side Effects of Treatment
Soft tissue grafts do not have any side effects. In some cases, however, the new gum tissue may need to be reshaped doing Gingivoplasty procedure more for esthetic reasons, when dental crowns or dental implants bridges treatment necessitates in future, if at all.

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