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Flap Surgery in India
India Dental Clinic provides information on specialty dental clinics and dental hospitals performing periodontal (gingival) flap surgery in India. The cost of dental flap surgery in India with the periodontal specialist dentist office is an affordable dental care procedure in Periodontics.

Periodontal Flap Surgery: Why is Procedure Performed?
As the periodontal disease is seen advancing and that the scaling and root planing have not been effective then a dentist may perform periodontal flap surgery, also known as pocket depth reduction procedure. This periodontal treatment in India is performed when the bone loss has been diagnosed and to ensure elimination of the entire pocket of decay. The gingival flap surgery procedure involves separating gums from the teeth and folding back temporarily allowing the treating dentist in India to reach the root of the tooth and where the bone loss has occurred.

Gingival Flap Surgery: How is Procedure Performed?
Gingival flap surgery may be done in conjunction with osseous (bone) surgery if the gum disease of the patient has progressed to advanced periodontitis. The treating Indian dentist (periodontist) at best dental clinic will numb the site with a local anesthetic. Dentist will use scalpel for making small incisions in the gums to separate it from the teeth and lift/fold them back in the form of a flap. The entire area is carefully cleaned and all tarter and tartar infected granulation tissue are removed and the bone is examined.

Periodontal (Gingival) Flap Surgery: Addressing Patient Concerns
The typical time duration of the procedure may be anywhere between 1 to 3 hours in which at most two quadrants of the mouth will be addressed. At the end of these procedures the gums will be placed back and secured with sutures. The stitches are removed at dental clinic in India after about 10 days; while there will not be any need if the dentist used dissolvable sutures. The surgical site is covered with periodontal pack or dressing and the patient normally given a prescription for pain medication and antibiotics. An ice pack can also be used to help reduce swelling.  You may also experience some bleeding after surgery.

After the periodontal flap surgery procedure, it is vital to make sure that your mouth stays clean. It would suffice to follow normal oral hygiene depending on the surgical site is with or without bandage. The antimicrobial rinse will also help reduce the risk of infection. It is essential you become more conscious towards maintaining good dental care after the surgery so that the flap procedure effectively stops your gum disease and turn pink healthy gums.

Gingival Flap Surgery: Perils of Disease
Some of the patients may experience minor bleeding in the first 48 hours after the flap surgery. If the bleeding is felt little excessive, you will need to let your periodontist know.  Regardless of whether it is caused by an infection, or some other issue, it needs to be addressed immediately. Even after your gums heal, the slow process of receding gums may still continue. The teeth in the surgical site may also become more sensitive to cold and hot temperatures.  The risk of developing tooth cavities in the roots of affected teeth may increase in some periodontal treatment cases. The continuing arguments on the link between increases of heart disease due to gum disease are taken seriously and widely accepted.

Periodontal Surgery that you should know about:
There are many techniques that are used to address the exact types of periodontal defects or problems. The oft-known are grafting of gum tissue and bone if needed to bring correction of gum contours, the placement of dental implants, and guided tissue regeneration. Such periodontal surgical procedures demand use of antibiotics, antiseptics, and anti-inflammatory agents, much can be done to control periodontal disease and save teeth from otherwise certain loss.

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