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What are Dental Crowns?
India Dental Clinic offer information about dental crown procedure and the specialist dentist in India at the listed dental crowns clinic in India will also explain what more you need to know in cheap tooth replacement dentistry. A natural dental crown (your original tooth) is that portion which is covered with enamel and is generally above the gum line.  The original tooth crown is made of white enamel on the outside and yellow dentin supporting the enamel beneath it. In general, the natural crown of a tooth may be defined in two ways, anatomical crown and clinical crown. The former is part of the tooth covered by enamel, which may be above or below the gumline. The latter is the portion of the tooth visible inside the mouth and not covered by soft or hard tissue. This is the ideal state of nature, and this shape, color and relative proportions are about what dental care center dentists in India aim to recreate with artificial materials whenever the natural crowns of the teeth are deficient in some way. You get the best dental crowns treatment India.

Best dental crowns clinics India: An artificial dental crown sometimes called a "cap" is a dental restoration made in a dental laboratory based on the impressions taken at India Dental Clinic. Dental crown replaces missing or damaged natural tooth structures and is made of advanced tooth-colored materials like porcelain and/or metals such as gold. Natural crowns may need to be replaced if they have been damaged by tooth decay, chipping or breaking. Artificial teeth crowns can also be used as part of a bridge or as a restoration over an implant. They are commonly used after root canal treatment because the procedure can make the tooth brittle. A tooth crown will protect the tooth structure from fracture. You can discuss your options with the best dental crown dentists in India.

Who needs a Dental Crown?
In a situation when there is a severely damage to natural dental crown/tooth crowns or it is weakened due to decay, fracture, large fillings or root canal therapy it needs the strength and protection of a dental crown, a procedure performed at dental crowns surgery India. An artificial crown is a dental prosthesis that covers the entire natural crown, on all sides and chewing surfaces or replaces the natural crown of a tooth. Artificial crowns can be used to cover and strengthen or hold together teeth that have been damaged. Crowns can be used in cavity restoration when the tooth decay is too widespread for a tooth colored filling and to restore a broken or cracked tooth or prevent a tooth from breaking.

Dental Crowns Treatment in India: From cosmetic dentistry or restorative dentistry angle, as you will know during consultation with dental specialist at India Dental Clinic, the artificial dental crowns may also be used to improve the appearance (smile designing) of a tooth that is oddly shaped, badly discolored, or not in proportion with the neighboring teeth, and also completes the process of dental implants.

Types and differences of Dental Crowns
There are three basic types of dental (teeth) crowns in India: (1) All porcelain crowns (2) Porcelain fused to metal (e.g. gold) dental crowns and (3) all metal dental crowns. The different types of artificial dental crowns include: Full crown which is an artificial crown that covers the entire natural crown; Jacket crown is a thin crown that covers large areas of the natural crown in the front teeth. It may not be strong enough for use in the back teeth, which endure greater levels of chewing stress and pressure; Dowel crown is a full crown that is anchored by a dowel pin that extends into the root canal of a tooth that has undergone a root canal treatment; Three-quarter crown is a crown that covers all of a natural crown except the front surface of the tooth, which remains natural for aesthetic purposes; and Abutment crown is an artificial crown used to support a bridge or cover an implant.

General recommendations on dental crowns with India Dental Clinic
The all porcelain crowns and porcelain fused to metal (PFM) dental crowns are tooth colored crowns. PFM dental crowns offer the best combination of aesthetics and durability as cheap dental treatment in India. In situations where there is a high amount of concern about appearance, a bonded all porcelain tooth crown (metal-free) is the nicest restoration. All porcelain tooth crowns in India are the most aesthetic and are used primarily used for front teeth where the need for strength is not as critical, as affordable dental care in India. For the front teeth, the advantage is its natural, lifelike translucency and not having to deal with the possibility of the potentially unsightly dark line at the gum line of the tooth.

Low cost PFM dental crowns in India are usually used to restore back teeth where the forces of chewing and grinding are strongest. Gold dental crowns are the most durable and offer the most precise fit. For back teeth, the advantage of a porcelain tooth crown or dental onlay is the conservation of healthy tooth structure and kindness to the gums. While it is possible to chip porcelain crowns, gold dental crowns provide no such possibility. Where a tooth colored dental crown is not a priority the gold tooth crown is an excellent choice. In a situation when the appearance is of no concern, a gold crown is a logical choice, because it has the best fit and the best chance of lasting the longest making it affordable dental crown treatment in India. It will never crack or chip – best dental treatment in India.

Placement procedure of Dental Crowns
It takes two or some times more appointments with general restorative dentist or prosthodontist at India Dental Clinic to restore your tooth with a crown at the chosen best dental crown clinic. This is because the crown must be custom hand-crafted in a dental laboratory to precisely fit your tooth and bite. During the first appointment your tooth is numbed and any decay present is removed. This is followed by shaping your tooth with a hand piece and a precise impression is taken that is sent to dental laboratory for crafting your permanent crown. You leave the office with a temporary crown for protection of prepared area and the gum tissues. You are supposed to take good home care of your temporary in the impending period. The overseas patients are happy enjoying dental care and India tour.

In the second and most probably the final visit to the dental office in India, your temporary crown is removed and the newly prepared permanent crown is fitted. Your general dentist or prosthodontist at the chosen best dental clinic in India will fit the final crown, check for accuracy, adjust for any bite discrepancies and evaluate the esthetics. When you and the dental crowns dentist India are satisfied with the fit and bite, the crown is finally cemented to your tooth. The correct occlusion is important to avoid TMJ Disorders. When done correctly, these treatments typically last 8-10 years, as close to permanent as any dental treatment gets.

Some of the quality dental care names with India Dental Clinic include:
Procera All Ceram Crowns
Procera® Crown Zirconia
Procera® Crown Alumina
Degudent® LS
Metal - Free Porcelain Crowns
IPS Empress Crowns
Lava Crowns

Some world class dental crowns dentists providing best dental treatment in India are available to you at dental centers like New Delhi Mumbai Chennai Bengaluru Hyderabad Goa Pune Kolkata Kochi Chandigarh Ludhiana Indore Coimbatore Trivandrum Jaipur Ahmedabad Bhopal Puducherry Jalandhar Surat Gurgaon Udaipur Vadodara Tiruchirapalli and more.

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