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Bruxism (Teeth Grinding) Treatment in India
India Dental Clinic listing information of Bruxism (Teeth Grinding) treatment centers of India. The cost of bruxism treatment in India is affordable at dental clinics of India. At one time or the other almost everyone is affected by Bruxism. It is the term used for grinding and clenching of the teeth, at day time or in sleep at night. An estimated one in 20 adults and three in 20 children unconsciously grind their teeth at night. The exact cause of teeth grinding is not yet determined, but it is thought that both emotional and physical factors are involved. For many years, bruxism was attributed to the release of tension from emotional stress. In broader term the most common emotional factors may be stress, anger, anxiety, pain, frustration and sleep disorder.

However, most common physical factors many dental authorities today believe may be present in the patient’s mouth.  Night grinding may be an unconscious effort to correct irregularities of the chewing surfaces of the teeth, like restorations with “high spots” on the biting surface.  It could be malocclusion due to crooked teeth or jaw joint disorders.

Nocturnal grinding can exert thousands of pounds of pressure per square inch on the surfaces of teeth. You can see the inside of your tooth, the enamel is so worn that inside of your tooth is exposed.

Emotional Factors: Bruxism rarely begins after age 40, and it seems to become less of a problem with age. It is recommended discussing these factors with your physician. Nocturnal bruxism is especially problematic because it's usually not detected until the teeth are affected, which can take years. There are different ways to reduce or stop teeth grinding depending on the cause. Your dentist and physician will determine which treatment or combination of treatments is right for your case.

Physical factors (diagnosis): A dentist usually detects or suspects bruxism when, during a routine checkup, he or she discovers the characteristic wear on the teeth. It is always best to first determine, if possible, the cause of Bruxism through performing certain tests. There could be damage to the gums which may lead to gum disease (gingivitis or periodontitis); loss of both natural teeth and restorations (crowns, onlays, bridges, veneers etc.); loosened teeth; flattened tips of the teeth; cracked or chipped enamel, hairline fractures, especially back teeth developing TMD/TMJ which is a jaw joint related disorder; and increase in teeth sensitivity. A wear associated with grinding is most evident on the molars, which are in the back of the mouth. The diagnosis is generally based on the patient’s dental history and a dentist’s careful reexamination.

Treatment of Bruxism
While the symptoms of bruxism in adults can be treated, the condition usually cannot be cured. Your dentist may start by engineering your bite and if your case is more difficult than the use of restorations like crowns, an orthodontic treatment may be needed. Treatment should be provided jointly by the patient's family physician and dentist. Counseling in these areas can lead to an awareness of stressful situations, and long-term management should be directed at helping the patient make comprehensive changes in lifestyle.

A custom made bruxism guard (also called a night guard) is the best affordable dental care solution from further damage. The bruxism guard costs very reasonable at India Dental Clinic.


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